Submission for Bevy Game Jam #4

The lake is being bombarded by a vengeful gaggle of geese and their hydra leader! Eliminate the enemy goose hydra to defend the lake and keep your own hydra safe. Gain upgrade credits by eliminating geese and improve your movement, speed, and spawn speed/radius. Units spawn automatically over time.



  • WSAD
  • Shift + Left Click
  • Middle Mouse (native only)


  • Ctrl + Left Mouse drag
  • Ctrl + Middle Mouse drag (native only)
  • Mouse Scroll (native only)

Select Hydra:

  • Number Key 1

Select Geese:

  • Number Key 2

Move Units:

  • Left Click
  • Right Click (native only)

To direct your geese or hydra, select their corresponding number key and then click on their destination. Geese are strongest when banded together.

For better performance, use a native build rather than the web version. If running in browser, runs best in chrome/chromium. The game may take a bit to load in browser.

Vulkan doesn't work with some Intel GPUs in Bevy 0.12. A workaround on Windows is to have wgpu use DirectX12. To do this `set WGPU_BACKEND=dx12` in cmd before running.

All assets were created for, and after the start of the game jam.

Made collaboratively by Griffin & Surreal


Download 25 MB
gaggle-macOS-intel-0.02.dmg 24 MB
gaggle-macOS-apple-silicon-0.02.dmg 24 MB
Download 28 MB


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I like the emergent behavior here, it feels like two amoebas fighting.