Submission for Bevy Game Jam #3

Infiltrate the facility and teleport from level to level to disable the security system. But watch out: teleporting may have some side effects. 

Difficulty, mouse speed, and music volume can be adjusted in the menu.

  • Press TAB to toggle menu
  • Interact: E
  • W/S/A/D to move
  • Shift to sprint

If your cursor is moving in game but not locked, press tab.

For better performance, use a native build rather than the web version. If running in browser, runs best in chrome/chromium. In the web version, there may be some audio stuttering at low frame rates. The game may take some time to load in browser.

In testing on windows with an Intel Integrated GPU, there was an issue with the Vulkan wgpu backend where the game would only load a gray screen. We were able to get the game to work by configuring wgpu to use DX12 with an environment variable. 


All assets were created for, and after the start of the game jam.

Collaboratively made by Griffin & Surreal

Original music by Griffin


Download 169 MB
traverse-macos-Traverse-0.05.dmg 170 MB
Download 162 MB


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Hey, for future reference: in FPS games, always always have invert Y as option - I can't play your game. But it sure looks good!